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until you can convey your message, to your customers and colleagues, clearly and confidently, your influence and impact will be limited. And so will your profits.

Having the technical skills and doing a better job than your competitors is simply not enough. COMMUNICATION IS KEY, not peripheral, to getting results.

The good news is we have the world’s simplest, clearest, most practical and effective online presentation skills training available.

Here’s what you get…

The Amazon Best-Selling book


to the Max

Presenting to the Max is the first-of-its-kind graphic novel that shows you, step-by-step, how to present in a way that expresses authority and confidence… naturally… without sounding like a poker-faced newsreader or spending weeks preparing.

This guide is an Amazon Best-Selling business book that demystifies and de-stresses the presentation process so you can truly obliterate the nerves that often interfere with presentation results. So you can double your impact in half the prep time.

If you want to take the floor – online or live – and make powerful changes in people’s lives, THIS is the first step.



training materials

With our ‘Simply Presenting’ online training program, you are supported every step of the way with resources that are practical, bite-sized, easy to navigate, easy to digest and easy to implement!

Whether you prefer to watch the video demonstrations, listen to the audios, skim through the summaries or get into action with the worksheets, our 12-module program will guide you in your planning and personal delivery so you feel clear, calm, confident and in control in all your daily meetings, as well as stand-up presentations.

And the materials are yours for life! Review any time to boost your focus prior to  your next big presentation.



and coaching

Are you ready to take to a bigger stage, take your business to the next level or take on a more senior role?

Then the ‘Simply Presenting’ online training is for you.

Through weekly live, online training sessions, you will apply the tools to your upcoming meetings and presentations, practice the processes and be coached in your personal delivery so you can be authentically, comfortably, confidently YOU, in all your future presentation scenarios.

Our live online training comes in 2 levels of intensity:

Silver – 8 weeks, 1 hour sessions, larger groups
Gold – 12 weeks, 1.5 hour sessions, capped at 10 participants

BOOK - ‘Presenting To The Max’ graphic guide to presenting….. featuring Max, the Presentation Guru of the world guiding you though the process of planning a delivering a business presentation. 12 chapters, in comic strip format, with summaries and worksheets, creating the simplest and most enjoyable guide to presenting ever created! Bronze
DIY Self-Paced Online
12-Week Webinar Series
1-on-1 Skype Coaching
BOOK - ‘Presenting To The Max’ graphic guide to presenting….. featuring Max, the Presentation Guru of the world guiding you though the process of planning a delivering a business presentation. 12 chapters, in comic strip format, with summaries and worksheets, creating the simplest and most enjoyable guide to presenting ever created!
VIDEOS - ‘Simply Presenting’ video series with Carolyn Crawford adding lively and engaging explanations of each book chapter, examples, demonstrations, visuals and more
CRIB NOTES – 2 page summaries of each chapter for those with limited time or attention spans
DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS – so you can put your learning easily into action, we have worksheets you can download from our website for each of the key planning elements of the process
AUDIO – 10 x MP3s – short, sharp, fun and energetic 10 minute audio episodes for your commuting and listening infotainment
WEBINARS - Join us for 6 weekly 1 hour webinars for interactive discussion, exercises, activities, homework, practice and feedbackX
SMALL GROUP WEBINARS – for those who are either (a) experienced presenters taking to a bigger stage and wanting to take your skills to the next level or (b) keen to break through a more deep-seated fear of presenting, this small, exclusive, group format, with no more than 6 people is for you. It includes 12 weekly 1½ webinars, 1 x personal 1½ hour 1-on-1 coaching session, substantial ongoing access to Carolyn and all materials on USB for you to keepXX
YOU SAVE$99$765$2,910







Carolyn Crawford?


Who I am and why am I qualified to teach you how to present for double your impact and increased profits? 

I’m a 25-year presentation and communications veteran from Australia who’s spent my career helping a vast range of business people across all manner of global and national organisations, to master the art of engaging presentations. 

And now I’m on a mission to help small businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs, like you, do the same. 

I’ve coached over 12,000 people into higher performing presenting careers and many of my students have used those skills to catapult their careers and businesses. 

Whether you are in finances, education, medicine, the service industry, or alien ant farming, presenting skills are key to influencing your clients, staff and peers for more productive and profitable outcomes. 

Good speakers massively impact their businesses, their stakeholders and the world around them, and I’d love outcome for you too.

What our


Loved the online course. As someone who spent all of primary and high school petrified of raising my hand in class let alone public speaking, I feel everyone should do an activity like this in their life.

Thanks again for letting me take part I've been using it all daily.
Todd Hodges
Team Leader Contact Centre
Carolyn’s work is an absolute treasure, it’s a gem of gold. And for anyone to come into her presence, whether it’s in her professional service, or in her personal relationships, are going to be immensely valued. It’s allowing us, through the work of Carolyn, to take us as human beings into a grander space of who we actually are. Thank you.
Chakra Healer
I’m wanting to share with them. If you’ve got any thoughts about presenting on stage, your gifts in this world, your skills, your knowledge, then this is an online course that you need to do. It is really fantastic and I’ve got so much out of it. So much out of it that I actually did this webinar on the train because I just didn’t want to miss out. Go for it. Simply Presenting with Carolyn Crawford.
Leanne Watson
Your Finance Angels

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