Presenting To The Max – Silver Online Course





BOOK – ‘Presenting To The Max’ graphic guide to presenting….. featuring Max, the Presentation Guru of the world guiding you though the process of planning a delivering a business presentation. 12 chapters, in comic strip format, with summaries and worksheets, creating the simplest and most enjoyable guide to presenting ever created!

VIDEOS – ‘Simply Presenting’ video series with Carolyn Crawford adding lively and engaging explanations of each book chapter, examples, demonstrations, visuals and more

CRIB NOTES – 2 page summaries of each chapter for those with limited time or attention spans

DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS – so you can put your learning easily into action, we have worksheets you can download from our website for each of the key planning elements of the process

AUDIO – 10 x MP3s – short, sharp, fun and energetic 10 minute audio episodes for your commuting and listening infotainment

WEBINARS – Join us for a weekly 1 hour webinar for interactive discussion, exercises, activities, homework, practice and feedback


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