Virtual Communications Rescue Package


Avoid making the 21 most common, credibility killing mistakes in your online meetings.

Get 21 hot virtual communication tips for just $21!

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“Everyone thinks they’re doing a great job with their online meetings and presentations at the moment.

“The technology is so forgiving,” says one client. “Our people are so easy going!” says another.


Until I ask a few questions or throw in my own observations and then the stories come out.

“I’m tuning out of meetings all the time” a media executive confided

“I’m finding it so hard to rein people in during an online meeting” complained an account manager for a construction company

“There are just so many and they’re so tiring” said an exhausted pharmaceutical quality assurance manager


There are more challenges to virtual communication than meets the eye and embarrassing blunders are being made daily.

Join us and we’ll show you how to:

  • Create a commanding online presence
  • Run efficient meetings
  • Keep your audience/team engaged
  • Read the room
  • Minimise distractions
  • Increase focus
  • Ensure you get your message across
  • And use the technology like a pro


Only $21 for 21 strategies for avoiding embarrassing mistakes and making effective Virtual Communications a competitive advantage for you and your business.


What you get:

Video 1: How to run virtual meetings effectively; create engagement; build rapport; minimise distractions and get to an outcome

Video 2: Lighting, sound, picture, camera angles, privacy setting, virtual backgrounds – we don’t notice them when they’re right but they’re hugely distracting when they’re wrong

Booklet: All 21 tips summarised in a neat, easy-to-read PDF booklet


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